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Twitter users randomly use a #troller with #AskJackAtTED during the call


TED Talk Talk with Dorsey took a strange turn Tuesday when countless Twitter users trolled the CEO using the #AskJackAtTED hashtag that was projected on the screen behind him.

The CEO said that if he designs it today he will not highlight the follower count or even love – the users reacted as you might expect: with many complaints about the apparent inability of The platform to prevent harassment and abuse.

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Although Twitter has systems to report abusive behavior and targeted harassment, users say they do not work as planned, should be scalable or simply not doing enough.

The TED explosion came on the same day as Twitter Has published a progress report On the fight against offensive content as the company intends to expand its systems to report abuse and make it easier for users to hide their tweets comments. According to the platform, 38% of the abusive content enforced is proactively uploaded to the site for testing instead of relying on reports from users. The company suspended 100,000 accounts created shortly after the suspension from January to March, an increase of 45% over the same period last year.

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Another user wondered why Dorsey's platform had not been opened for use by neo-Nazis, including those who allegedly used Twitter to organize the deadly Charlottesville riots.

When the TED Treasure used an analogy on the Titanic steering away from the iceberg to note that users feel Twitter's not moving fast enough to correct itself, Dorsey reported:

"We can do a bunch of superficial things to answer what you're talking about, we're working as fast as we can, but speed will not do the trick.

One user expressed concern about Dorsey's health. The technology tycoon, who wore a black hat and a puffer during a TED call, is a supporter of fasting on and off and only consumes one meal a day.

At one point during the conversation, TED close the board showing the #Ask ​​JackAtTED tweets behind Dorsey, claiming that it was always their intention to just get some discussion.

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