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Who is Elizabeth Holmes?


If you enjoy real crime stories – who does not? – Clean up your schedule because two documentary films about the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and her operating company Silicon Valley, Theranos, are set to premiere very soon.

Before you watch the documentaries, get back to Holmes and the multibillion-dollar company. Learn exactly how she and her company has become the subject of an indictment.

Who is Elizabeth Holmes?

Holmes had been described as Steve Jobs in the past. Now she faces 20 years in prison for wire fraud.

But we are ahead of ourselves. Let's go back to 2003 when this story started.

Elizabeth Holmes
Elizabeth Holmes David Orrell / CNBC / NBCU Photo Bank Using Getty Images

Holmes and Eagle from Stanford University in 2003 to run the operating company Theranos. The company said it could offer blood tests that are more effective and effective for all types of diseases – cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, etc. – without requiring people to see a doctor.

With the sweat of a finger it was possible to carry out these comprehensive tests, without vials of blood or visits to a doctor's office.

Holmes received $ 400 million in investments in Theranos. Eleven years later, Tharranos was estimated at $ 9 billion, making Holmes the richest woman in America and the youngest billionaire herself.

In 2016, Holmes's billions of power disappeared.

The technology did not meet the demands

In 2014, employees began to leave Theranos. Let's find out, Edison technology the company said was the key to getting comprehensive tests with a finger dick, was not as comprehensive as they thought. The company was forced to use traditional lab machines until they realized how to make their technology and how Edison claimed it would be.

This caused the Federal Drug Administration to cancel the right of Tharranus to perform blood tests for two years after using "unclear medical device." Then, following the investigation of fraud by the Securities Authority. Holmes's value was $ 0 when the value of Theranos dropped.


In June 2018, Holmes and former CEO of Thranos, Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani, were charged on nine counts of wire fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud by the US District Attorney for the Northern District of California.

Ramesh Alvani and Aw
Ramesh Balwani Justin Sullivan / Getty Pictures

Both can face 20 years in prison and substantial fines if convicted.

& # 39; Drop & # 39; documentary

Rebecca C. Rawis, ABC's business division director, Technology and Economics, and producers spent three years investigating Holmes & Rannos, according to ABC News. The documentary film, Nesher, Will be featured in a two-hour episode 20/20.

In the documentary, viewers come to see Holmes attesting to pre-broadcast tapes in which she says "I do not know" more than 600 times. There are also six podcast episodes to go along with a documentary.

HBO Documentary

HBO also has a documentary about Holmes and her company called Inventor: Bloomed in Silicon Valley. The documentary is scheduled for premiere on Monday, March 18, 2019, at 21:00. About HBO for HBO now. Alex Gibney, an Oscar winner, runs the documentary.

Other coverage

Along with the 20/20 and HBO documentaries, there is a book about Holmes' fall from the billionaire to a possible prisoner named Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in Silicon Valley Activation, By John Carrieo.

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