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Will Daenerys die and become the night queen?

Game of Thrones Is in its last season fans everywhere are dying to know what the fate of their favorite characters will be like the rolling end. There is no shortage of fan theories to be shared online. Mainly, the latest theory that has been gaining traction of the Pandome touches the Dragon Queen herself – Daenerys Targaryen.

Some observers believe she can lose the throne and join White Vikings like the Queen of the Night. But does the theory last? If so, how will it work? Here's what we know.

How could Dannery Targarin become queen of the night?

Fans who support this theory point to the season 2 part, when Dinari had a vision of herself leaving the Darling Darling and their son to go dragons. The significance of this scene is simply that Daenerys will be ready to choose the children and her dragon over her human family. So, if all her kids and dragons are dead, Daenerys might be willing to be a White Walker just to keep being with them, even if it means throwing her current lover Snow Snow in their boy rumor.

Recently, Deenerys also discovered that Snow Snow is the son of her older brother Rhaegar Targaryen, and has a more legitimate claim to the throne than she does. With the power of hunger, she can find herself going to the King of Night, the leader of the white walkers, to get to where she can rule as queen.

What would the process be like Daenerys being the Queen of the Night?

Many fans believe that the right way for Daenerys to be Queen of the Night would be for John to kill her with his sword.

This theory is based on the analogy between Danery and Gnosticism and the relationship of my brother brother and Nia tried. as per Game of Thrones Legends, my brother had to plunge his sword, the lightbinger, into the heart of his wife Nissa Nissa in order to unleash her power to defeat the white walkers. Nissa Nissa dies and fans believe she has become queen of the night. (Or that she had become queen of the night long before, and Ahai Ahai had killed her with a sword).

Since many people believe that Jin is the reincarnation of the Aahai region, it is quite possible that the fate of Dennery would be similar to that of Nissa tried.

Emilia Clarke and the authors of "The Game of Thrones" seem to be hinting at this fate for the diner

Emilia Clark, who plays Denari, reveals how she feels about the fate of her character at the end and does not sound good. "She told me," she said. "Knowing this is going to be a constant taste in someone's mouth what Daenerys …".

In the meantime, Google & amp; amp; Martin, who wrote the series of books Game of Thrones Based on, said that the show will probably not be completely happy end. "I think you need some hope … we all yearn for happy endings in a sense," he said. "I myself am drawn to the bitter end, people ask me how Game of Thrones He's going to the end, and I'm not going to tell them … but I always say watch something bitter at the end. You can not just fulfill the task and then pretend that life is perfect. "

All these comments are very logical if the end involves a donner turned to the dark side. However, it will be a while before we really know the answer.

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