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At least 14 teams spoke with Scott Buras about Marvin Gonzalez


November 8, 2018 11:51 AM
Updated November 8, 2018 12:01 PM

Scott Boras, representative of Marvin Gonzalez in the big league, promised last Wednesday, in an interview Radio MLB, Because there is no team that does not raise the name of his student, which at least 14 teams have already asked.

"I met with 14 clubs," said Boras, who attended the meetings of the CEOs, "and they all put Marvin's name on the table."

The super-assured agent promised that he would conclude his meetings with the representatives of the 30 MLB organizations and hoped that in all cases the same approach would be presented now, as the leading service checks its luck in the MFA free agents market.

"I've been talking to all sorts of vertebrae," Boras added. "Some have wages to fight the crown next year, others are being reestablished, and everyone says to me: 'Who will not talk to you about Marvin?' That's why I call it Switzerland G, compared to Swiss knives."

Guyana has proven ability to hit a glove capable of doing work both in the box and in the field.

"Recently we ate dinner together and asked him about it," said Buras, who is looking for a multimillion-dollar contract for his client. "How do you have the ability to go from center to field, how do you do it with naturalness?"

Gonzales, says his agent, gave him an answer offering an "artistic" vision of the game.

"I always grew up impatient, and everyone saw me as impatient," Boras recalled, "but I like to see the game from many angles and perspectives. I could not wait to be put in the center or at first. I even like the vision of the game that can be from the catcher. "

"That's why I called it Switzerland G, because it's like a Swiss army knife," summed up the indigenous representative of Ciudad Bolivar.

Gonzalez has played seven consecutive seasons with Houston and Astros, since 2012, and with them he jumped into the field in eight different positions, in addition to being designated for the emerging crashing. It only needs to act as a catcher to complete each diamond.

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