Sunday , May 16 2021

Being a vegetarian is associated with poor health, the research reveals

CITY OF MEXICO (universal). – According to a study conducted by the University of Graz, in Austria, and published in the academic journal Plus One, A vegetarian diet is associated with poor health, With a higher incidence of cancer, allergies and mental disorders (anxiety depression).

Low body mass index

Another factor that exposed the study was a vegetarian diet associated with a Lower body mass index (IMC)

The total number of people tested was 320,330, 330 with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, 330 with a less carnivorous diet and 330 with a carnivorous predatory diet.

Hypertension and diabetes

The study does not determine whether eating meat makes you more healthy, and shows other investigations that determine that vegetarian diets are associated with a lower incidence of Suffer from high blood pressure, Cholesterol problems, type 2 diabetes and gallstones; Among other things.

Also, researchers admit that they can not guarantee whether poor health of vegetarians in the study due to their dietary habit or if they consume this form of diet because of their poor health, and therefore they confirm that in-depth studies are required on dietary habits and their effects.

Include all types of food

In Mexico, the Ministry of Health reports that to achieve a healthy and balanced diet, experts in the field recommend to include all food groups, milk and dairy products, meat, eggs and fish, pulses, fruits and vegetables, cereals in the diet. As well as fats and oil.

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