Saturday , May 15 2021

BitFinx has attracted 20% of its funds in BitKine and on-demand site CryptoNews

This Friday 26 was a movement of more than $ 185 million bitcoins and ethers in the purses of the Bitfinex exchange house. The exchange house removed two cold storage addresses – off-line – 17,253 BTC, about $ 89 million, and 633,300 ETH, equivalent to $ 96 million.

With these transactions, Bitfinex has transferred 20% of its protected cryptocurrencies in cold files. However, BTC's Bitfinex management still has a balance of 102,284.50 BTC, equivalent to $ 525.5 million; Nearly half of the funds it holds are managed by ETH, which has 1.62 million sites, or $ 245 million, according to the Tucan analyst.

At the moment, it is not known whether the portfolios that Bitfinex transferred to the funds are his property, so it can be the usual traffic of funds cryptobolsa.

It is important to note that last Thursday, April 25, Bitfinex and its subsidiary Tether were accused of operating without a license in New York State by the State Attorney's Office. In addition, the cryptor companies were also accused of using their reserves to cover the loss of $ 850 million in funds from their clients. This accusation was publicly denied by the House of Exchange, making it clear that the funds "were seized and kept".

The charges against Bitfinex arise as one of the reasons behind the withdrawal of 30 key cryptocurrencies of the ecosystem. Bitcoin went from 5,452 dollars to 5,166 dollars; At the time of writing, all BTC was quoted at $ 5,273, and gained 5.38%, according to Masari, after an increase of 29.45%.

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