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Casey lamented the "embarrassing" incident before the Boca River on Play


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God President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri Regretted on Monday the suspension of the The final of the Libertadores Coupe is due to an attack by the fans of the Club Plate Plate against the players of Boca Jr. And criticized the football leaders who "fix" the gods.

At a press conference, the president described "embarrassing" what happened on Saturday when the bus that led the Boca players was stoned by river fans a few blocks away from the monumental stadium, the meeting place.

"Again, the violence has gained scope and we have no choice but to insist on rejecting the violence and the mafia behind this violence."Said Macri, a follower of the Boca Club.

The president said there were "flaws in the system" of organizing soccer games, and he directed "some of the leadership (of the clubs) that conducts such things, which looks like a reasonable behavior to throw stones."

"I can not resign that he organized a sports show that would have to booby-trap the whole area, almost the whole city, it's crazy," said McCary.

A few days after the G20 leaders' summit on Friday and Saturday in the Argentine capital, security activists were questioned after the lack of proficiency demonstrated by the police during the attack of river fans on the players of the club auriazul.

McCreery said that the authorities will make an effort to "do it right" for the international meeting, which is considered to show international support for the South American country.

Without a security cable to keep them away, the gods could get close to the guest bus and break some windows. Several players were affected by fragments of broken glass and tear gas, which the British police launched to contain the attackers.

The president of the river, Rodolfo D'Onofrio, stated that his club is not responsible for the events of a limited group of aggressors and touched the capital government on the failure of the security operation.

The game was suspended on Saturday and re-set for Sunday, but eventually Conambol rejected the undated final due to "sports inequality". The captain of Boca, Pablo Perez, suffered from wounds in the arms, and an eye injury and other players were also injured or suffered from vomiting from the gases.

Macri also questioned justice for having released a landmark of detainees a few hours after the events and announced that it would energize a bill so that judges and prosecutors "not misrepresent" a crime and could fight against "bravas bras" more forcefully

In this regard, Defense Secretary Patricia Bullrich said that the initiative "criminalization of any violent behavior that occurs in the framework of a football game passes places predetermined to fans with the entry banned to stadiums."

In Argentina, since 2013, there has been a ban on visitor attendance at most of the meetings and the ban on entry to stadiums for fans who make a surplus, but the violence continues and the barbarboys create organizations that feed millions of pesos in ticket sales and other criminal businesses.

The disciplinary court of Conmebol will solve the fate of the final Coupe Libertadores Following a lawsuit by Boca Jr. get the cattle trophy after the attack.


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