Saturday , October 1 2022

China will negotiate about 7,700 million paralyzed shares


A total of 7,700 shares will be locked and eligible for trading on the Chinese stock market Next week, according to Financial Information Provider, Information Wind.

According to the rules of the Chinese securities market, Major shareholders need Wait a year or two earlier To get permission from Sell ​​your stock, Xinhua agency reported.

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As part of the financial mobilization of the newspapers, which will take place between Monday and Thursday, The stock is locked in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges will add 55.96 billion yuan, that is, about 8 billion 100 million.

Another company, like Transfer group ", apparently to list marketable securities on the order of $ 2,320 million, While other companies, such as Shandong Xinchao Energy Corp. Ltd., will be free to run commercially on 500 million titles or more.

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