Friday , June 18 2021

Cordovan Francisco Jose said, awarded for performing the best thesis work in the world of sports medicine

Between lessons, Fran responds to greetings from friends and family. The smile that was put on him on Tuesday, when he learned that he had won the award for best thesis in the world in the field of sports medicine, has not yet disappeared from his face. The award was presented by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the most prestigious scientific journal in this field of knowledge.

After an online vote, Fern, a Cordoba from Puntobanjuna, a researcher and professor of physiology at the University of Granada, won this award and became the first Spanish scientist to receive this prestigious award. His doctoral dissertation was fair in 2019 and includes a total of 18 scientific papers published in influential journals. Amro, a graduate of physical education and sports and a fifth-year medical student at UGR, received his doctoral dissertation. “Exercise raises elevated anti-aging protein levels: metabolic cardiovascular consequences. Randomized trial FIT-AGING” Of FIT-AGING ‘).

Its main objectives were to investigate the relationship between plasma protein levels and metabolic status, energy metabolism and metabolic heart health, and to investigate the effect of different exercise programs on plasma protein levels, physical condition, and metabolism. Middle-aged sitting adults.

Supervised by physicians Manuel J. Castillo and Engel Gutierrez of the Department of Physiology (Faculty of Medicine) of the UGR and of Dr. Jonathan R. Royce of the Department of Physical and Sports Education of the UGR, their thesis shows that protein protein is a promising biological marker for longevity and cardio-metabolic health. Regulate by exercise.

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