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Correo del Caroní – Caribes came out of the pit thanks to tigers


Puerto La Cruz – To Caribes de Anzoátegui Everything went well against Tigres de Aragua in the final challenge of the series between the two teams at Alfonso Stadium "Chico" Carascquel, where they broke up in the first month of 2018-2019 season, with a victory on the board of 5-2.

Rafael Ortega scored two runs and drove one of them to be a game figure. Both Wilfredo and Dimza Zerach, who in five episodes tolerated four hits, hit the same number of hitters and gave three cards, thus getting his first victory in the clan's uniform.

"Thank God for allowing me to contribute with the team today, I feel very good we are getting good stuff, the key is to continue playing hardball." Now that's when there's a Caribes for a while, "said the elite at the end of the game.

After three episodes of good pitching by both teams, Caribes was the first to open the operations at the quarter closing. A victim fly from César Valera allowed Ortega to pass from the waiting room, to score the first of the natives. Then Willians Astudillo fired a fireworks center and put the scoreboard 2-0.

In the next chapter, Ortega jerked the double knob to the left to fetch the third rubber from Anzoategui. Then, the Bulgarger will take his second hairline a day thanks to a simple acquaintance of Newman Romero.

Tigger responded in a sixth. Anthony Santander hit a triangular sound for the right to drag the first of Bengal.

But at the bottom of this round, the Caribbean continued to increase his score and with Homer Solo by Rene Reyes, he scored the fifth hairline of those at home.

Wilfredo Gimenez took it out of the park in the eighth to bring in the second and last hairline, which after this episode could not find any more opportunities to hurt the swings of the Aborigines.

"It took us a lot of work to get the consistency, it was not easy, but the key is to continue to work both physically and mentally," said Omar Lopez, The challenge is over.

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Braves 27 16 11 .593 –

Cardinals 27 16 11 5,93 –


Eagles 26 12 13



Cripps 26 11


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