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"Death occurs in an instant": A young woman with cancer manages to stay alive and give birth to cancer Brain tumor birth

A 19-year-old woman with malignant brain tumor, who managed to survive long enough to give birth, died on April 21; Announced his family on Facebook.

"This morning, shortly before four in the morning, Dana left us with the", said Dana Skatton's family on the Facebook page, Pray about Dana.

"She inspired us all to be better than ourselves and to stay focused on God at all times, to face the greatest fear of all, death, and to return the smile in a way that only God can assimilate." She fought harder than the worst fighters known to man and did so with grace and courage, .

Skaton, from Pennsylvania, was 17 years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor after having trouble swallowing or talking and even walking.

"I was very tired," she said, According to the advertiser.

"But the situation got worse, I forgot to swallow and my tongue was strange, and then my legs did not start to react to things, and when I walked, my legs crawled, and then I'm really worried," he said.

Skaton was diagnosed with dipus intiinsic pontine glioma in 2017, a type of disease that has no cure and almost no survival rate, the advertiser reported. DIPG tumors begin in the brain stem just above the neck. She was seven and a half months pregnant at the time.

Dr. Blasco, a pediatric oncologist at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, told Scott that there was no hope for survival.

Her condition only got worse, and the next day, the doctors decided to give her radiation before giving birth to the baby.

"I feel that God only ordered doctors to help me decide what I should do," Skaton said. "I was not sure if I wanted to start radiation before my baby because I did not want it to hurt her, but I could not decide what to do, it was too hard."

The doctors promised Scatton that the radiation would not harm the baby, and on January 4 after several rounds of radiation, the day before, she gave birth to her daughter Marie Marie by cesarean section.

The baby was born in good health, weighing 2.08 kg.

"She cried and once they put her in Dana's chest, she stopped," said Josiah Gondry, Sakaton's brother. The baby is very good … I told my boss about the birth, and he said: "Miracle … one more missing & "He said.

"When Dana was going for a Caesarean operation, we were all worried and worried," she said. "She said," Listen, everything will be all right. "I said," I do not know how you do it. "And she said," I'm just trying to trust God. "

Scatton's death

His funeral took place on Friday evening and was broadcast live to 49,000 fans of the "Pray for Dana" community on Facebook.

"Thanks to everyone who joined us this evening personally on the Internet to celebrate Dana, we are very blessed that Dana is loved and supported by so much from all over the world," her family said in the last post.

The family thanked everyone for the cards, letters and prayers they wrote: "Thank you for the support you have given Dana over the last 16 months, thank you for not giving up on her and for her struggle."

In her interview with the advertiser, Sackton said that death made her realize that this world is temporary.

"It was a wake-up call," he said.

"They're throwing your face to death … It's so real, it really shows you what's right, this world does not matter, it's temporary, you know, when I found out, I'll let the world go. We have to look at eternal life … We sincerely think that we have so much time … Honestly, I am grateful that I have time to wake up and understand what is right and I want everyone to see it. I feel blessed that I have time to do good things, others do not understand that death happens in an instant. "


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