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Diabetes, a disease that worsens in Colombia


Serious, said the endocrinologist Dalia Maria Luz Ann, a member of the Colombian Diabetes Association, The increase of this disease in the country when it exceeds 3.6 million Colombians with the symptoms of this pathology.

"It is alarming that we understand that every day there are more patients, who at a very young age have this disease of type 2 diabetes, when we have only seen this people over 40. Now in The consultations we see under 30 years, And that's very worrying, "he said.

He pointed out that there was this disease So young This is a problem not only for people, but also becomes a burden on the health care system.

"Diabetes is a costly disease because it compromises on quality The life of man And because the most advanced treatments require more resources because of the complexity it brings to the healthcare system, "he said.

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Troubling figures

The Colombian Diabetes Association warned that 7% of Colombia's population suffers from diabetes; That is, four million people, of those, half do not know.

God psychologist Liliana Caravag has warned that diabetes is chronic disease Where the body can not regulate the amount of sugar in the blood. The most common type 2 diabetes, which usually occurs in adulthood, is usually associated with high rates of obesity

According to data from the Colombian Diabetes Association, there are an average of 1,100 adults aged 55-60 per year, of which 48% Men, 46% women and 7% children; Belonging to a socio-economic stratum.

These data are based on 66% of diabetics residing in Bogota and 34% who come from other cities in the country. Most people who come The Association They come with a diagnosis of diabetes over an average of 83% and adults with a diagnosis of the last less than one year, 17% ", Explained Maria Mercedes Otalora, Administrative director of the entity.

According to Atlas of diabetes, no country is immune to this disease. It is therefore one of the world's greatest health states of the 21st century, as it is among the top ten leading causes of death in the world, accounting for more than 80% of all premature deaths from irregular diseases.

Diabetes affects 7.6% of men and 8.5% of women. The main risk factors were overweight (53.2% men and 58.3% women), obesity (15.7% men and 25.5% women) and lack of physical activity (53.4% ​​men and 72.9% women).

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Constant evaluation

within World Diabetes Day It is confirmed that due to the changes that diabetes can produce in the body, strict control of blood glucose levels of people with this condition is a critical and critical step in proper management of the disease, especially in those who are under intensive treatment with insulin.

According to World Health Organization, Overweight and lack of exercise are the main risk factors for diabetes in Colombia.

However, keep levels Blood glucose As close as possible to the normal range can prevent or delay the development of many complications of the disease.

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In Colombia, blood glucose monitoring is the main technique available to them Levels Thereby managing to control diabetes. Yet, According to a study conducted in several countries, Four out of ten people with diabetes do not measure glucose with the frequency recommended by their doctor or nurse because of the pain the puncture produces, due to discomfort, forgetfulness, lack of ligaments, or fatigue.

The key preventive actions is to change a healthy lifestyle, in addition to promoting detection, diagnosis and comprehensive treatment; That is, where the patient is seen by all healthcare professionals associated with this condition, from the endocrinologist, Past nutritionist Even the shrink.

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