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Ethereum charges a fee of $ 430,000 for a failed transaction



16 October 2021 23:01 GMT

The affected user also paid another $ 105,000 to cancel a new deal.

A user of the Ethereum distributed system paid a fee of $ 430,000 in cryptocurrency In vain, Then Your transaction was found to be a failure.

The subject participated in the sale Strips tokens On the platform MisoBut the auction was very competitive and ended in just six seconds, the block reported.

During the event, the user used Flashbots, A protocol that allows bribery of Ethereum miners to prioritize their transaction as queues of data pending approval.

The crypto exchange executes a transaction worth $ 100,000 and pays a commission of $ 23.7 million

However, this algorithm had a bug. Instead of staying private because transactions are usually made in Flashbots, the affected user is seen in mempool public, The database where all transactions are awaiting approval. Miner processed it and included it in the blockchain.

Since the auction has already run out, the deal failed to leave the user without the desired tokens, but the commission with which Rewards the miner’s work “And it depends on Atrium’s demand system” that he compared 123 sites (ETH), $ 430,000.

If the deal had been processed as usual using Flashbots, it would not have ended in the absence of tokens to obtain.

The same user took on a Second deal Purchase tracks, even using Flashbots. Perhaps, see the commission value for the first, user Tried to undo it. In order to transfer the cancellation to the network, he had to make a new transaction, which eventually cost him 30 ETH (About $ 105,000).

The incident occurred several weeks after a Record fee In the Atraum system, roughly $ 27.3 million, For a transaction worth $ 100,000. However, in this case the money was returned by the miner.

Ethereum is undergoing an update aimed at stabilizing commissions, the value of which depends on Click on the deal Regarding the system. Recently driven by projects like non-mushroom tokens (NFT, English acronyms) and decentralized financing (DeFi) Using the Ethereum protocol, these charges are experienced from time to time unexpectedly Exaggerated jumps.

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