Tuesday , June 28 2022

Fernice fell in love with a small fan of millionaires (+ video) sports gossip


Yovani Vasquez Díaz || @ Yovavasquez96

The Venezuelan guard, Wuilker Fariñez, Still shining Colombian football, not just under the three clubs of Milonarios, Even the courts fall in love with the hearts of box fans & # 39; Ambassador & # 39;, Among them small "fans" of the Bogota team.

Parinez, after his commitment on Monday where he had an unusual night on his fence in front Jr. from Brancia In a game that eventually brought him to his team 2-0, Left the headquarters of a campaign signing some shirts and photos with many fans of painting Bogotá, meeting with a young amateur ambassador group, Ever Uncle Vargas, Who was with a poster with his mother's support of Nuevo Horizonte that said "VENZZOLANO YOU ARE MY IDOL GIVEN T-SHIRT".

"I come to the stadium just to see him," he cried tearfully, in the Colombian media, a pundit of Caracas.

About an hour The boy was waiting to realize his dream of approaching the capital. The sight of the little boy (David) was the reflection of the faithful love aroused by football. Finally, The Venezuelan concierge took pictures Uncle Vargas filled his dreams for a few minutes.

The goalkeeper of the national team shines every day and every time he devotes himself to the soccer ball, crying for the big jump to an international football elite club.

The Catholic is accumulating 4500 minutes, In two campaigns with the T – shirt Albiazules, Which he claims 12 goals received in 17 meetings So far in circulation; Leaving Seven unbeatable arches. In addition, Fariñez, compared with shark He got to game 50 with the ambassadors' shirt.

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