Sunday , March 7 2021

How to save up to 60% battery on your phone?

Many prefer it because it looks more elegant than the interface based on white and black text. While there are other benefits.

As Google explained to the developers, adopting a dark state of applications, can cause them to save up to 60% of AMOLED battery batteries.

With the latest addition to Dark Mode for YouTube, according to Google:

If the screen brightness is 50%, it saves 14% battery in Dark mode.

If the screen brightness is 100%, you save 60% battery with this mode.

The reason is simple, since AMOLED screens do not have to turn on dark pixels and this causes consumption to be considerably reduced.

No matter which developers adopt it, as long as we have the option of dark mode and our phone has an AMOLED screen, it would be a good idea to choose it.

source: Darf


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