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Huizem's oldest political prisoner


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Ivan Antonio Simonbis, who is considered the oldest political prisoner in the Hovista regime, woke up on Thursday in the public arena over rumors of the alleged flight from his home, where he served his 30-year-old network since September 2014.

The 59-year-old criminal advisor was arrested without an arrest warrant in November 2004 at the La Jolla International Airport in Merquibo at the entrance to the private plane he intended to travel to Atlanta for being involved in the violations at Llaguno Bridge on April 11, He was head of the civil security of the mayor's office in Caracas.

This role has caught him since 2000, when he was appointed by the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alfonso Davila, to organize the protection of citizens who participated in the 744 parades registered in that year, during the administration of the mayor Alfredo Peña.

As the grandson of one of the participants in the legal police technical foundation, the current criminal body criminal scientific investigations, and the son of a clerk, he was part of the police police for 22 years.

He obtained his promotion to the Commissar at the headquarters of the defense establishment after receiving a series of courses in the United States, France and Germany, and created the Special Operations Division, where he directed the leadership.

In his role as secretary of "Civil Security" he promised the protection of the 2000 demonstrations, out of 1,240 registered in 2001 and those that took place between January and April 2002.

All these demonstrations took place without the death of anyone until the events of April 11, 2002, when 18 people were killed by gunfire, most of them in their heads.

Seimovis was sentenced to 30 years in prison on April 3, 2009 by Marguerite Calderon, the fourth judge of the state of Aragua, along with commissioners Henry Voyas and Lazaro Forro, for the special offense of the aggravated murder crime at the expense of two people: Robbie Alfonso Urbano Doca and Arsimo Enrique Sánchez & .

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