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I have evidence of how they destroyed Padva in one year


November 26, 2018
Updated November 26, 2018 5:23 PM

Rafael Ramirez, former president of Petrola de Venezuela (Pdvsa), denied any responsibility for the collapse of the central company in the country claiming that this situation occurred when he was separated from the oil institutions by the government of Nicolas Maduro, accused him of campaigning against him

In a telephone interview with the news agency Efe That he suggested from a place in the world that he did not want to reveal that he was "politically persecuted", it noted by the judiciary power Venezuela promised that the defeat of PDVSA "happened from year to year."

"I can prove it to you," he promised, though he would not give that explanation in his conversation with Efe on Monday.

"I have enough evidence to show how an oil company like PDVSA destroyed it in one year, if the PDVSA year does not make production investments, our production drops to 700,000 barrels," added a former minister of late President Hugo Chávez.

He claimed that Maduro government "has been playing for four years with the main company in the country, not only they destroyed PDVSA, they destroyed everything, what happens is that PDVSA is 90% of the currencies, but they destroyed everything.

Currently, PDVSA produces just over a million barrels of oil, although this decline now is more than five years.

On December 5, 2017, Ramirez stopped being a Venezuelan government official when he resigned as Venezuela's representative to the United Nations, according to Maduro's instructions.

The former minister came to this post after being President of the PDVSA for more than 10 years, the Minister of Energy, Petroleum, Vice President of the Economic Zone and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

On the current decline of PDVSA, he said: "I have all the arguments to talk about it, I warned, I warned since 2014, what they do with the oil industry, so they took me out of the oil portfolio of energy.

Asked why he continued to be an official of the Maduro government, although he already knew the situation was difficult, he replied: "Because he always tried to fix things, he insisted, later when I was chancellor, he insisted on the Foreign Ministry until they took me out of the country completely."

Then he was a representative of Maduro government at the United Nations.

"When I finished my time at the UN Security Council I told Nicholas I wanted to go back to Venezuela and as he told me he could not then I started to write my opinions," he said, saying that these reporters about the failed management of the country's oil industry had undertaken "this campaign to cause moral damage "He said.

"I know that the government in Venezuela could not do what they did with me. In fact, they knew I was an obstacle. I had this company for 12 years and I had a perfect job, producing three million barrels," he pointed out.

He pointed out that his department and officials wanted to "take control of the government company from the moment Abbott died," so they informed him, he said.

"Only I refused because it is irresponsible, we never affect the operation of the company because we know how it affects the country, and see what happened," he said.

He said he would be in Venezuela "if he is not persecuted." Nicholas told me that as soon as my feet in Israel put me in jail.

Ramirez claimed that he does not have to prove that he is innocent and that "there is no evidence against him," or an order of nothing "because it" repeats ".

"In the meantime, they are silent in the face of all the corruption they have done, in the face of all the injustices they commit, not only with PDVSA," he criticized.

He was judged that when he realized that Maduro was not following his policy of Abs after taking over the presidency in 2013, he took an electronic backup of all his documents because he already felt possible collisions.

"I left my life in this situation, but it was not for that, it's a scandalous disaster," he added.

In December 2017, the Venezuelan state prosecutor demanded that Marmirez return to Venezuela and "pretend" to the Justice Department of a plot accusing him of being an intellectual author, which would have caused damage to the state of $ 4,800 million.

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