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IACHR has provided protection for patients with multiple sclerosis

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Updated on 27 Apr, 2019 6:54 PM

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights decided to give precaution to four Venezuelan patients, three with multiple sclerosis and one with breast cancer, after the protection of Venezuela presented the requests in October 2018.

On March 29, the agency demanded "personal integrity and health of beneficiaries through immediate mechanisms that allow access to proper medical care, including the necessary drugs according to what is prescribed by the corresponding doctors."

In a document with a complaint of Defiende Venezuela, the National Institute of Social Security (IVSS) is responsible for non-compliance of the supply of drugs, undermining the conditions of those affected.

IACHR recognizes that the deterioration of the health system in Venezuela has worsened since 2014. "The Committee has given various precautions after identifying similar conditions of risk of people with hemophilia and HIV (immunization) or acquired immunodeficiency virus (HIV) who have not received prescription drugs or medical treatments, which Caused their health to worsen. "

Read the full document here.

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