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Increase privacy in Google Chrome and select the information that is synced


One of the options that make the browser attractive Google Chrome Is the possibility that it offers synchronize Information With this function you can get the same bookmarks on your smartphone, for example. We show how to manage the amount of data that can be managed in this way.

This increases the privacy Which you have when you use Google's browser, as it limits the information recorded on the servers of Mountain View companies. Of course, the convenience provided by reduced data synchronization, because, for example, because it can avoid that all versions of development passwords used in various online services are available. Therefore, you should Appreciate Whether it is advisable to do it or not.

Sync problems with Google Chrome? Then you can solve them

A good detail is to do what we discussed in this article You do not need to use any additional tools, Since the Google Chrome browser itself has everything it takes to complete the processes efficiently.

Adjust Google Chrome with the Chrome logo

How to manage sync in Google Chrome

This is what you need to do to manage the information that you want to be present always when you start with your Google account in your North American company's browser, or a version for Computers Like the one that exists for Mobile. This:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser
  • Write the following lines in the address bar: Chrome: // Settings // People
  • You'll see a new screen where you have a large amount of data to manage your browser information. You must search Google service and synchronization

Google Chrome sync options

  • Use it and you should do the same thing with Manage sync
  • A screen appears showing all possible synchronization options in the development of Mountain View. These concepts are through use The sliders
  • Now you just need to check the list that appears in Google Chrome and make the appropriate choices. You can turn off everything to make individual options

Sync data in Google Chrome

  • Once you're done, simply leave the tab in your browser and the new configuration will take effect

What's done in Google Chrome is complete reversible, So if at any given time you want to revert to the original configuration of this application it can be achieved very easily by following the steps we have observed.

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