Tuesday , August 9 2022

Instagram emcabeza as Queen of Social Networks in Spain


Although it may seem that Facebook is the social network par excellence, Instagram is preferred by professionals.

According to a study by Metricool, which developed a tool specializing in social media analysis, "The new chair of social channels now belongs to the popular instagram."

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In a survey of 1,483 Spanish social media professionals aged 18-18, 97.6% chose Instagram as the social network they use most, compared to 81.8% who use Facebook more. Thus, Instagram is 15% higher than Facebook and continues to grow, while Twitter and LinkedIn are being transferred to the last positions on the list.

"What time of day are there more users connected to the Instagram?" Thus, "the hours of most social networking activities are, first, from 21 hours to 23 hours, followed by 5 and 8 pm, in second place. And finally, the hours of less user traffic are between 8.00 and 12.00. "

From these data, to the highest number of active users during the day, the best moments to post or stories are on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 9:00. Second, on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 18:00. Third, on Friday at 15:00.

As to the frequency of publication, the study ensures that the preference is to publish post or stories once a week. "43.5% of users said they published weekly publications, compared to 38.6% who do this every day, only 12.8% publish once a month, 3.5% every three months, and only 1.6% do it every 6 months or more."

As for the type of content, "the stories receive both visits and frequency of advertising 50.2% shows a preference to visit the stories of 24 hours in length compared to 49.8% that would seem to be more normal publications.

According to Matricole experts, the reason for this is that the stories are much more direct and spontaneous content, "which makes the curiosity to see the content larger among social network users.The temporality of the stories, which can be seen only during the day, makes these publications less willing and tend to be of low quality However, they attract a large number of traffic to the user profile. "

Despite the number of publications users find each time they open their Instagram application, 78% of respondents have not made purchases through Instagram, and more than 70% of the people in the report confirm that they use the biography link to specify an interested web page to access content Outside the social network. "

According to Metricool, Instagram Shopping, functionality designed to purchase products through the social channel, "seems to have not much success right now among social network users, since nearly half of respondents (47%) do not know the new tool.Of those who know the existence of this function, More than 90% say they did not use it to make purchases. "


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