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La Casa de Papel has been a dizzying success worldwide since Netflix took over the series, which premiered on Antenna 3. Therefore, this title will be a fifth season.

The story of the most suspected bandits has become very famous and season 5 of the series is scheduled to premiere this coming April, however this will not happen after the news list released by the Netflix platform. Let us remember that the COVID epidemic also greatly delayed the recordings.

Among the series to be launched this April on Netflix are Luis Miguel’s second season, The Series and the Explicit Letters, a documentary by Ross del Silensio, but there is still no news about La Casa de Papel.

What happened in the last episode of Casa de Papel 4?

After the shocking death of Nairobi (Alba Flores), the professor decided to “lower the tent” strategically. It also included the rescue of Lisboa, who was captured by police and questioned to reveal the whereabouts of Sergio Marcina.

The latest scenes from La Casa de Papel document the entry of Raquel Morillo into the Bank of Spain, in the perfect maneuver of the professor, who once again managed to deceive the team led by “Colonel Temaio”. However, the leader of the gang of robbers did not celebrate long, as Superintendent Alicia Sierra has revealed his whereabouts and the episode ends with her targeting the famous criminal directly.

Netflix announces Korean processing house for “Paper House”

La Casa de Papel will be a Korean adaptation after its worldwide success. Through your Twitter account, Netflix Announce who the actors will be in the series.

“I have news for you: There will be a Korean adaptation of La Casa de Papel. How will Denver laugh? Have you seen Nairobi yet? Will Arturito be equally unbearable? We’ll see.”, So it was written in the social media post.

The “teacher” will play Yu Ji-ta“Berlin” by Ha-Su Park“Tokyo” by John Jong-sao“Moscow” by Lee Won-jong, “Denver” by Kim Ji-hoon, “Nairobi” by Zhang Yun-joo, “Rio” by Yong-woo Park, “Helsinki” by Kim Ji-hoon and “Oslo” by Lee Ki-ho.

In addition, they introduced four more players who will be the police and the hostages. They are Kim Yun Jin, Kim Sung-ou, Myung-houn Park and Lee Jubin.

La Casa de Papel: Will there be a sixth season on Netflix?

God Paper house It is set to end in the fifth season, which is being filmed these days and its debut liar is set to take place in 2021. However, Mario de la Rosa, who plays Suarez in fiction, promises no one has confirmed to them that it will be the last.

“Everyone is talking to me about the end of La Casa de Papel, I do not know, I know it is the end of the robbery. This is what we were officially told to all the players, ‘The robbery ends’, but I do not know if the story will continue later,” the actor said on Instagram His.

Let’s remember that in the fourth season it ends with the death of one of the most beloved characters in history: Nairobi. The end is intrigue, as it has not been confirmed whether the world’s most beloved criminals have managed to escape the Bank of Spain to obtain the gold that is inside the safe.

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