Friday , March 5 2021

Metro Exodus will have an enhanced version for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC

In November last year 4A Games announced that they are working on a new and improved version of the game. The metro exit. Today, in a post on the game’s official blog, the arrival of this edition was announced PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

As detailed The console version Will consist of an update that has graphics with technology Queue treatment And resolution 4K A 60 fps. Although the Xbox Series S will only reach 1080p, the other enhancements will be available as well. What more, The field of view can be changed And fixed bugs found so far in the game.

Version for vista PC, On the other hand, it will require the most modern Video cards capable of tracking Ray And it will include even more visual enhancements that benefit from this technology. Given the sheer size of this update, it will be presented as A separate product called Improved edition of Metro Exodus way Steam, Epic Games Store and GoG.

Finally, the developers also discovered that the game will have editions Mac and Linux, When the Mac version is due to ship in March.

Both the console update and the enhanced edition for PC It will be free for anyone who already has a copy of the game And although they do not have a departure date, they are expected to arrive during this year.

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