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NBA: Lack of hierarchy or lack of concentration of LaBron James Lakers? | Video Total Sports


They are not good days Los Angeles Lakers B NBA. The purple and yellow franchise, after 10 games, has a record of 4-6, with many complications closing with more doubts than certainty. Luke Walton He looks distressed because the situation is clear: they fail to make decisions at key moments and indicate dispersion, even happens LeBron James.

The Lakers They have a very young round: Brandon Ingram with 21 years, as well as Lonzo Bull, Josh Hart (23), Kyle Kuzma (23), and experienced Lance Stenson (28) , Raj Rondo (32) and LeBron James (33).

Of these, only the last three have experience in final cases of Play Offs And they got the coveted ring. Even the first four did not play in the following season, despite being more than one season in the NBA.

Warriors two NBA champions! They washed the Cavaliers 4-0. (Video: YouTube)

Warriors two NBA champions! They washed the Cavaliers 4-0, with Jules McGee, On the Group. (Video: YouTube)

In the last quarter, the nightmare of the LeBron James team

The team headed by Luke Walton, In the first 10 games, came with a quarter-final advantage in five opportunities and a drawback in five others. This causes a lot of suspicion in those cases where he came down on a marker for the vast quarter. Let's look at the small margins in recent times.

Match Staff Vs Staff

Then they reached the last room

The final result Incidents
1 Lakers @ Portland 91-93 119-128 (d)

They lost in the last quarter by 35-28. They approached one point (101-100), but they could not keep the result.

2 Rockets @ Lakers 98-97 124-115 (D)

They are losing in the last quarter by 26-18. Raj Rundo and Brandon Ingram were sent to battle.

3 Spaniards @ Lakers 99-96 143-142 (D)

It was set overtime. All the extra time, they lose the last play. LeBron James missed a free and decisive shot at the end.

4 Lakes @ Suns 106-86 131-113 (V) Win the first regular season.
5 Nuggets @ Lakers 89-87 121-114 (V)

In the last quarter they tie 108-108 and they do not release the advantage again. First victory before his people.

6 Lakers @ Spaniards 88-87 (D)

The last advantage of 96-5, then failed to score in a continuous power to get closer.

7 Lakers @ Timberwolves 94-93 120-124 (D)

Butler cut the game in a great performance. The last advantage was 107-105, and then they were down.

8 Mavericks @ Lakers 81-94 113-114 (V)

Although there are up to 14 points of advantage, they won the last play.

9. Lakers @ Portland 88-73 114-110 (V)

They lost in the last quarter 37-26, complicating the game at the end.

10 Raptors @ Lakers 101-80 (D)

A party was liquidated at the end of the third quarter by the broad difference.

As you can see, they could only make the score on one of the five times they entered they lost to the last quarter and worse, the result got out of control in the final moments, compared to Spaniards (Both times) Timberwolves.

Patti Mills cut the game with the latest basket of video game: Fox Sports

Patti Mills cut the game with the latest basket of video game: Fox Sports

Concentration or lack of hierarchy?

Robert Weinberg and Daniel Gold coined the following definition of concentration: "the ability to maintain focus on relevant signals in the environment." Also, Gonzalez Portales ruled that attention is determined by "an intense focus of awareness on an object, characterized by the intensity and limitation of attention." They fail Lakers.

LeBron James He is a player who has won everything related to basketball: an Olympic gold medal, a champion in the NBA, a respected MVP both of the regular season and finishing on more than one occasion; In short, it is ready for key moments.

However, it is surrounded by a team that does not have the same competitive qualities: they are not exposed despite being as big a market Los Angeles. Also, the focus of attention was not placed on them, they were never "forced" to win, as if they were LeBron James Since then he has been on the NBA.

LeBron James forced the time with a brilliant three Video: Lakers

LeBron James forced the time with a brilliant three against Spurs Video: Lakers

The clutch moments are negative because the players of the Lakers They do not keep your attention throughout the game. At an excellent level like the NBA, the details end up winning games.

This is also the task of Luke Walton, A strategist who has not yet become a teacher or a class A student Greg Popovich & amp; So as not to interfere with matters of attention / concentration.

Finally, attention to stimuli. In the final moments, the opponents were always more attentive to the ball, the cuts, the screens, the younger ones Lakers. Pleasant feelings, and put aside the unpleasant, as often happens to Raghu Rondo.

Does that mean they can not succeed? It's not final, it's a new team, commanded by an actor with what is called a "winning garden" like LeBron James. However, the Western Conference forces us to do the best, physically and mentally, during 48 minutes, not only for 40 or 42 minutes. Human material has, but we need to work hard.

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