Friday , May 7 2021

Nintendo Switch 8.0.0 adds "push mode" that improves load times

Last week, Nintendo released the Update of Nintendo Switch, A new version of Firmware Of the console that displays certain innovations around the interface or the function of transferring data stored between consoles, as well as parental control in VR mode. But a role that has not been announced, and that some acquaintances speak modders Of the console, is the addition of "Push mode"

Nintendo Wii

As reported by some of these users using the disk channel of RetroArch (through GearNuke), the latest version of the Nintendo replacement firmware It probably added a new performance mode for its CPU. This situation, which these users call "Push mode"Allows the processor to increase the speed of up to 1.75 GHz (Tegra X1 processor can reach 1.9 GHz) to get pushed at specific moments, such as when loading games.

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Following these comments, some GBATemp users have tested games like The legend of Zelda's breathing Before and after updating them to their latest version (after the arrival of Nintendo Switch 8.0.0), And report a marked improvement Charging times. More specifically, the user Brawl345 of these forums reports that the load time of the game decreased from 31 to 21 seconds, Quick trip Decreased from 19 to 11 seconds and Charger Before entering the shelters is decreased from 10 to 7 seconds.

However in hand, it seems that the new "Push mode"From the processor Nintendo switch Offers amazing improvement Charging times Of the games to use it, based on what users respond to. We'll see if more titles are updated to offer compatibility with these improvements introduced of the Nintendo switch, But until then, and if you still do not have it, here's an analysis of Zelda's wild breath.

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