Thursday , May 13 2021

Ran dethrones PSG on football penalties

God Ran He was surprised and won Saturday French Cup For the third time in his history to overcome the shoot-out penalty Paris Saint-Germain (6-5) After balancing a 0-2 In which the capital team was placed in the initial stage of finishing.

Box reaction M & L and Stephen And the final error, the XII shot of penalties, of Christopher Nkunku (shot high), They signed a new blow to the Germans Thomas Tuschl This season, saved with the League achieving, but upset by premature elimination in the Champions and the League Cup.

Ran, the modest but daring, dazzled and surprised Europa League, Where, for example, eliminated Betis, he was awarded success by effort, teamwork and faith.

And I needed it. Because PSG started full. He seems to be going for a walk. Dani Alves, With a fancy barrage to the corner of the nimmer, and this, with a beautiful shot chopped off the target Thomas Kubeck, They assumed bluntness 0-2 In simple 21 minutes of play.

Ran did not dent, he found oxygen with his target before the break (m.40) KIMPAMBA. He fed his dream and stopped the PSG.

Despite Tuchl's superiority, Ran's daring discovered the prize in return thanks to the grand title from Edson Macsar After a corner kick corner Clement Garnier

PSG has not used its opportunities. Kylian from Papa, Who could definitely play after being doubtful about a twin problem, was not his night. Nimer It is no longer decisive and return to Uruguayan lands Edinson Kwani, At the beginning of the extension, he did not balance the shock again.

Mbappe was a strange event in a gray match, which became black when the referee showed him a red card two minutes from the edge by hard to deal with Damien da Silva In total frustration.

However, the imprisonment of the crime was inevitable. All the jugs took advantage of their injection until it was the turn of Nakonko, who replaced Musa Diabi Extension extension. His shot went high and was a new hit for the millionaire PSG project grandeur Ran. EFE

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