Tuesday , May 11 2021

Sebastian and Tal: "It was a shame to lose one of our cars today, in the end we are one team"

The Italian team in the leading area of ​​the network did not live in Azerbaijan in the desired destination. As he put the cards on the table, Mercedes spoke loudly. An argument to which Ferrari could not return the blow to his opponent. But tomorrow, during the race they will have a new opportunity to try to overcome the silver stars. They had a good pace at the end of the week, but they could not take the first places.

If they manage to make a good race and succeed with the strategy, overcoming the unexpected changes that the current deployment, they may try to take the first victory of the season. Sebastian Vettel will start third place, while Charles Leclerc will start from the middle of the net. The Munguska pilot made a small mistake in the castle area and hit a wall. His options were there, quite angry at himself, Charles hopes to be able to compensate the team after the failure of the day at an important moment.


Sebastian and Tal (3 ° – 1: 40,797):

"It was a tough decision at the end, when the temperature in the orbit dropped, The balance of the car has changed And making the tires work on the knees, especially after a long period so before the knees start, was not easy. When the clock stopped, everyone intervened at the last minute and got a few slips, so at some point I had to make the call. Do I prefer my tires or the slipstras? What would mean compromising the position and I had a feeling of being able to pay it and I wanted to try clean. My first attempt in the third quarter was fine, but at the second opportunity I had no one to offer me any benefit, that way I tried to concentrate on my lap and obviously lost a lot, About four-tenths, compared to the previous round. "

"But that's what happens on this track, it was a difficult encounter. I saw Charles at the barrier and realized that the classification was over for him. Too bad losing one of our cars today. In the end, we are one team and we all work very hard, no matter which side of the garage you are in. In any case, We need to make a page that tomorrow is a new day and it is a long race Where everything can happen. As a team we can recover and squeeze our competitors. In general, I feel we have a strong car, so we can go out to push hard and we need some fun. "

Charles Lecler (10 – No Time):

"I'm disappointed in myself. Our pace was good all weekend and we are likely to have a positive rating result. My first lap at Q2 was very good, given that we were with the East, but then I made a mistake on her second lap. I just did not do my job well. The team and all the people who support us as a group deserve much more. Tomorrow is a new day. I'll stay positive and push to do the best job in the race. "

Mattia Benoitu, sports and technical director of the Ferrari team:

"We are not satisfied with the results of the qualification, I think our car works well today, and certainly, We could have achieved a much better result. The updates we've brought here have worked well and we're excited about how they behave. Sebastian improved after an attempt and found the best feeling with the car in his last attempt. It's a very odd track, and if I'd find a better feeling before, I could get a better job. Charles will be one of the few of the top ten to start with the middle complex And you can still have a great career. It was very fast today and could be very fast tomorrow. It was really a pity that his classification ended in turn 8, but these things happen when you push to the limit. "

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