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Sickrius assassins in a book on the street


Photo: Archive

Photo: Archive

Dadniuska Aristigua

Richard De Gaulle and Al Paco Ko Teige, 28, was murdered on Monday, November 5, and his body was found in El Calorie.

On that day, the victim visited relatives in the Los Arsos neighborhood of the San Bernardino community. At the same time, he received a phone call informing him that his barbershop, located on Anaco Avenue in the famous Caracas area, was short so he went there.

When he got to his work site, he was restrained by four unknown subjects dressed in black and hood, and a line was covered in his face and taken from him.

Eyewitnesses told their relatives what had happened and immediately began looking for him, through a relative who knew a policeman. The latter told them that Richard's body had been found in El Calorie.

The family of the deceased arrived at the discovery site, they asked the GNB forces who were in control of the area, and they confirmed the information the policeman had offered them. The corpse was transferred to the morgue of the car, but because of an electrical fault it was taken to the forensic medicine of Blue Monte.

Pat was beaten and beaten, had three shots in his chest, and his relatives assumed he was a hired killer.

Richard was a senior technician in automotive mechanics, a graduate of the University Institute of Industrial Technology (IUTI) and the father of two children.

Cemetery A 30-year-old man, identified as Ivan Eduardo Herrera Torres, was killed this Thursday morning in the family safe of the former President Wakin Crespo located in the general cemetery of the south.

On the same day, unknown people entered the house and took him to the place where he was shot, and relatives learned of the incident from neighbors, went to the cemetery and found Ivan's lifeless body. The place because he was threatened because he allegedly committed robberies in the industry, but despite the warnings he returned to the neighborhood, he was the father of a seven-year-old boy.


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