Thursday , October 6 2022

Simon Bolivar's school ship arrived at Lake Maracaibo


Flaunting the national flag with cadets of the Bolivarian Navy Military Academy on their masts, the school ship arrived at Simón Bolívar on Saturday in the waters of Maracaibo.

The symbolic ship was delivered to the sound of flutes of its own, carried out by Peepers San Luis and by the state's civilian and military authorities, headed by the Governor of Zulia, Omar Frito Fernandez; Together with the mayor of Merquibo and San Francisco, Willy Casanova and Dirving Arita, respectively

At the reception, the regional government will be transferred to the Ambassador without Borders and the Grand Lake Marrakibo Prize Chain and a copy of the key of the Palace of the Condors; Also, the mayor's office of Maracaibo will grant you the great collar of the city of Maracaibo.

The Simone Bolivar school ship will be anchored at the Mercier de México until next Monday, November 19th. The public will be able to visit and learn about this vessel, which, in addition to being a training space for future officers of the Bolivarian navy of Venezuela, carries a message of peace and integration of the Venezuelan nation to various ports of the world.

This bricbarca boat type has a capacity of 250 staff members and measures 82.4 meters in length and 10.6 meters in beam. Before arriving at Maracaibo, it was a vessel in the port of Isla de Abbes and would travel to Phalcon at the end of his visit to the area.

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