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Solomon comes back to authority to attack Vinotinto


He left his best numbers in Premier and will be the main weapon in the national attack

Redo Blanco CARACAS.- Performance of vista Salomon Rondon With Newcastle Last season was completed Super League in England They feed the illusions of Venezuela Of finally having a fear, a consistent striker who takes full advantage of scoring in the upcoming America freezes and cancels World of Qatar.

Rondón fulfilled his most outstanding performance in four seasons in England, since he debuted in 2015 with West Bromwich Because after the decline in 2018 he gave a loan to caraqueño to join Newcastle.

Under direction Rafa Benitz, One of the most sought-after technicians in Spain, Rondon improved his appearance in a tower attack. He finished with 11 goals in Premier, added one more League Cup, And contributed 7 assists, maximum figures for Venezuela in this competition.

Compared to the previous season, Rondon improved its performance in several rows. Increased the rates per game from 0.19 to 0.34, went from scoring only one goal with his right foot to five in the season, returned four goals with his left loot, his debt game is still ignored. A mighty sniper, 1.86 meters tall, is expected to suffer more damage in the area's centers, but Rondon remains useless at the top. He went from heading to two goals this year.

Gladiator, however, became a more complete player with the ball on his foot. Benítez's plan allowed him to pass through the wings, get space and download to associate with his friends and attack his attack. He moved from three assists to seven break points, which in total contributed 40% of 45 goals earned by Newcastle in a recently completed campaign.

Thus, for Copa America of Brazil, Rondón is the main offensive asset of Vinotinto. His long drought, without scoring with Vinotino, reached its peak in September 2018 with two goals in a 0-2 win against Panama, and again shakes the nets in a resounding victory 1-3 against Argentina's Messi in Madrid last March. .

This will be the fourth Copa America for Rondón, which has three goals in this competition. He scored 3-3 against Paraguay in Argentina 2011, he made it win 1-0 against Colombia in Chile 2015, scoring the 3-1 defeat against Chile at Copa del Centenario in the United States in 2016. To transcend In Brazil, the Vinotinto will depend on the power of your gladiator.

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