Tuesday , May 11 2021

Squeeze Squeeze by Faes-BTI


A dangerous thief, identified with the nickname "El Pippa", was shot Saturday morning in the Vergen del Carmen neighborhood of the Idelfonso Vasquez community.

The confrontation was recorded with the PNB officials assigned to the BTI-phase group when they made an intense patrol on the street where they saw the suspect's treatment of this offender, who while listening to the high voice of the soldiers preferred to escape, however, when he was in the corner, The weapons and fired reconnaissance units. It was cobravacuna, involved in the robbery and kidnapping of the community.

The officers were forced to pull out their weapons and leave the injured Al Fifa, who was transferred to a local commander, and announced the minutes of his death after he entered. Cicpc officials transferred the body to the morgue of LUZ.

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