Thursday , October 6 2022

"The Ann del Sol" for everyone at the Louis Cecil Museum; Akon


Desire, color and faith demonstrate the 56 works Sergio Sarcos presented in honor of the virgin of Chiquinquirá entitled Virgo. Anne del Sol at the Louis Chacón Museum in Maracaibo.

Sarcos explained that since 1998 he has created the works exhibited in a place where each contains the cheapest symbolism. By 2016 drew one painting a year, in 2017 he produced 17 paintings and this year he completed the exhibition with 18 fabrics.

For the painter, painting is not a challenge "Once I create it (the virgin) is revealed, I begin, it appears and it is as it wants to be," he said. The paintings were made using a technique mixed with wood, paper, cardboard and cloth.

Among 56 works he painted Vio on a wooden cross, as well as "Chinita saladillera", which is displayed in the window of the neighborhood in an original, "Cacika de San Luis" where the queen is observed brunette with curly hair thick.

In addition, the author of the works pointed out "I am only inspired by faith" and in his collection Chinita is appreciated with various religious symbols of the region such as the Black Christ of Gibraltar, St. Benedict and St. Lucia.

Sarcos explained that the color that each of his painting shows the work of Marcibo "Painters love light and color, Maracaibo full of it."

The exhibition will be available until the end of December from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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