Friday , March 5 2021

The EU will extend sanctions in Venezuela to 30 leaders involved in last December’s elections illegally ordered by Maduro

Nicola Maduro
Nicola Maduro

The EU will include in its sanctions regime in Venezuela About 30 leaders were involved in the December election, Which the international community does not recognize, And within Serious human rights violations Collected by the UN report, confirmed a senior position.

The European bloc will give the green light to expand the restrictions, In principle in the Foreign Affairs Council on Monday. In this way it seeks to respond to the elections last December and double the pressure on the Caracas authorities.

The number of people subject to European sanctions will double, as the measures currently affect 36 leaders.

This is the European bloc’s response to an electoral process that claims to be fraudulent and does not recognize the result, although in turn it has refrained from expanding recognition of Juan Guido as president in charge, but claims he is a dialogue partner for resolving a Venezuelan crisis.

The list is expected to include about thirty officials. As reported by a diplomatic source, The measure will include a moratorium on assets and a ban on entry into the EU, In accordance with the four rounds of sanctions approved so far by the bloc since it established the sanctions program in 2017, in the face of the deterioration of democracy in the country.

On the fringes of this regime of restrictions, The EU has identified 36 people in official positions responsible for undermining democracy and violating fundamental rights.

With the help of this device, twenty-seven seek to respond to ongoing actions that harm democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights. The measures also include the embargo on weapons and equipment designed for internal repression..

The dictator of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro, after voting in the legislative elections in Venezuela (Europe Prize)
The dictator of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro, after voting in the legislative elections in Venezuela (Europe Prize)

The December elections in Venezuela, the most researched in its history

Some 14,400 candidates are in dispute over 277 seats, 110 more than in recent parliaments, in 2015, as the National Election Council elected by the regime changed the nature of parliament.

In violation of the Constitution and the laws, he increased the number of deputies elected by 60%, Ranging from 167 deputies to 277, assigning additional positions to select small towns, but historically preferred Chavismo, to ensure additional deputies.

The largest parties that oppose Khvismo Participate in elections with instructions given, After the source intervened by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) and appointed substitutes for the traditional leaders, who decided that their establishment would not participate in these elections.

for example, Last July, the court intervened in the Vista in the popular Will The party of Juan Guido and Leopoldo Lopez kept the seal, removed all its true fighters and imposed an “ad-hoc meeting” led by Lt. Jose Gregorio Noriega, one of the “traitors” group of parliamentarians who left the ranks of money money.

The Organization of American States (OAS), the European Union (EU) and the United States, as well as the main opposition in Venezuela and various civilian sectors, They did not recognize the election on the grounds that they could not be considered Democrats. In addition, there are more than 50 countries in the world that do not recognize Maduro as the legitimate ruler of Venezuela, and therefore did not support that election process either.

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