Friday , May 14 2021

The model died after fainting at the fashion parade in Sao Paulo

Firefighter helps Kota story model this Saturday during a week fashion parade in Sao Paulo (Brazil). The 26-year-old Brazilian model Tales Cotta died on Saturday afternoon after suffering a sudden illness while participating in one of the fashion shows of Sao Paulo's fashion week, the biggest event in Brazil. EFE / לקו ויאנה

The Brazilian model died suddenly on Saturday after fainting at the Oksa brand parade, which took place on the last day of the fashion week of São Paulo (SPFW).

"SPFW received only the news of the death of the model Thales Suarez, which was suddenly bad during the March of the Acacia," the organization said in a statement, without specifying the reasons for death.

The 26-year-old model, whose artistic name was Teles Kota, fainted as he turned off the track. They were immediately present at the show, in front of dozens of spectators who were shocked, according to local press reports.

"He was quickly treated by the paramedic team and transferred to the hospital, but unfortunately he did not object," said SPFW, the most important fashion event in Latin America that began on April 22.

Oaxa, one of the last signatories to the parade at SPFW, also expressed remorse at the expense of his instagram: "The entire Ocksa team deeply regrets, is alarmed by the news."

Among the other players in the industry, Vogue Brasil expressed its condolences to the model's relatives, who worked for MGT. / AFP

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