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The Sub-Vinotinto 20 is measured today with the Bolivian class


November 14, 2018 01:16 AM

As part of the preparations for the "International Pop-Square Game of Sub-Football 20, Lara 2018", which will be held in the Metropolitan Stadium of the city between the day and the first, the organizing committee welcomed the representatives of the invited delegations, ie, teams of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

As reported, the Federal Federation of Venezuela to support the programs of the national coach Vinotinto, Rafael Dudamel, designed this fair that is essential in the preparation of the Under-20 Vinintho, Runner-up in Korea 2017, which is ready to intervene in South America of Chile 2019, A qualifying tournament for the World Cup of that year in Poland.

Sponsored by the Laffort Deportivo Club, with the support of the Lara government and the Popular Forces for Sport and Domestic Affairs, Justice and Peace.

La Vinostanto will be screened today against the Bolivia team at 3:30 pm at the Metropolitan Stadium of Kavodar, before the elections of Peru and Ecuador will be measured at 10:00, at the same facility.

Organizers organized the winner of the square cup designed by the young artist Ronnie Fries.

Strategist Dudamel has selected the best players of the category for those preparatory meetings that will seek to look for the World Cup category classification.

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