In 2015, Chinese chemistry Tu Youyou became the first woman in her country to win Nobel Prize in Medicine, Since it was found almost half a century before treatment malaria. To reach it he read in depth some ancient writings of traditional Chinese medicine, which he found the characteristics of Artemisinin, A substance found naturally in absinthe that killed the parasite that causes the disease. In addition, he had to explore, even with these old art, which was the ideal pumping properties, until finding a compound capable of producing a response to malaria.

Like her, today many other researchers have analyzed the features of many plants, to finally stay with one compound, for its medicinal properties. A new example is an international team of scientists who have discovered a present molecule Broccoli and croutons and other fruits, Able Restore its anti-tumor strength To a certain gene. Does this mean eating broccoli a cancer clinic? Of course not, but provides useful information on a particular compound that can be very useful in the fight against this terrible disease.

Chain of events

God PTEN It's one GARDENSION RECEPTOR Which is mutated more often, mutated, regulated or eliminated in human cancers. This means that its function is often blocked, facilitating the spread of cancerous cells. In fact, some genetic mutations of this gene are known, which give those who are more susceptible to cancer.

The current compound in broccoli prevents a specific enzyme inhibiting tumor suppressor gene function

It has been shown that cancer cells have lower levels of PTEN, Which led the scientists to consider whether the search for a tool to strengthen its role could provide effective treatment against cancer.

To answer this question, the authors of the study, headed by the director of the Institute of Cancer Research of the hospital, Pierre Paolo Pandolfi, Identified the molecules and compounds involved in regulating the gene. That's how they came WWP1, A gene also associated with the development of tumors that encodes an enzyme capable of to delay PTEN. This means that if WWP1 It is active, it is driven PTEN Stop the spread of the gene, and facilitate its development. You had to stop WWP1, but how?

That's exactly where Broccoli, because these scientists have found a molecule in it, called Indole-3 Carbinol (I3C), Able to disable it, therefore, improve the depressing role of PTEN.

Broccoli is very healthy, but it does not cure cancer

Tu Yu did not give the patients directly to absinthe, but took out the active principle that interested him in treating the disease. In this case, you should take the same precaution and not throw wrong ideas at the crosses.

To get a minimal effective dose you would have to eat nearly three pounds of Brussels sprouts daily

Pandolfi himself warns him In a press release, there he explains that to achieve any effect it will be necessary to take Nearly three pounds of Brussels sprouts a day. In addition, the study was carried out In mice, So there is no evidence that similar results can be achieved in humans.

It is very important to maintain proper nutrition; But, all that pseudoscientific gorus can say, eat certain food Will not stop the growth of the tumor.

In any case, it is true that this cruciferous vegetable is very rich Vitamins C and A, As well as other materials, such as Magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Without a doubt its consumption is very positive to maintain good health. For the rest, science will be responsible for finding interesting materials that can hold and find the way to make them work.