Thursday , September 29 2022

They urged the population of the city of Atores in the Amazon not to leave the house


Journalist Sebastiena Baraz published a thread on her Twitter account which she warned that on the morning of November 18 In Amazonian state, the authorities issued a statement warning several towns in Puerto Ayacucho not to leave their homes.

The warning, According to social media, it was aired by a radio station, there The residents of Pedro Camague, Tuscany, the neighborhoods of Guraça Arakani of the Al-Mawla sector have refrained from leaving their homes Because they carried out an operation instead. However, the authorities' warning had no further explanation.

Apparently, Minutes later there was a surplus of military aircraft and then a few shots, There is not known what could have caused this.

Barráez stressed that the area is in the municipality of Atures.

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