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Two senior Facebook executives are leaving the technology company

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Photo: Courtesy EFE

The most widely used social network in the world, Facebook, Announced on Thursday that the company will leave its two managers at the highest level, product head, Chris Cox, And in charge of WhatsApp (owned by Facebook), Chris Daniels.

In a public letter addressed to Ovadia, the company's CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg, discovered that both Cox and Daniels decided to leave the office after 13 and 8 years working on it, Respectively.

Cox was one of the first Facebook engineers considered very close and a personal friend of Zuckerberg, While Daniels was vice president for messaging implementation of WhatsApp for less than a year after serving as head of the project.

"Chris (Cox) has been talking to me for several years about his desire to do something different, he is one of our most talented people and I know he has the potential to do what he wants", Zuckerberg noted in his letter.

About Daniels, he noted that he is one of the "clearest and most consistent business thinkers" he has ever known, and that "the range of challenges he has helped the company is impressive."

Two of these losses occur after last week, Zuckerberg promised the reconstruction of the social network into the "communication platform focused on privacy" takes as a reference WhatsApp.

On this occasion, the founder of the most widely used social network in the world explained that people "are increasingly interested in connecting with others in private in what will be the digital equivalent of a room."

According to ZuckerbergFacebook has seen in recent years how private messages, passing advertisements (such as Snapchat and Instagram) and activity within small groups on the social network are the areas of greatest growth in online interactions.

When the progress of the two managers was known on Thursday, some professional media speculated on the possibility that their decision constitutes part of the company's new approach.

At the same time, Facebook has suffered during the past few hours, along with its platforms of assets Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, one of the longest "falls" in its history, which led 22 hours between Wednesday and Thursday of users around the world could not access some of its functions.


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