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Venezuela will benefit from contributions from bitcoin from #LNTrustChain CryptoNews


The success of Torch Trust Network and Lightning (LN) also resulted in a major donation campaign that, after visiting several countries around the world, ended its journey in North America and Latin America, in the hands of a humanitarian cutting project, Bitcoin Venezuela.

CriptoNoticias spoke with the project team (who has been working with Bitcoin since 2015), to know details about the target screenings, and about their recent conversations with a Twitter user, @hodlonaut, who created the trust chain and invented the donation journey using

@hodlonaut told us that he should close the fundraising campaign at Tallycoin because he is about to withdraw Twitter for a while (…) We are very grateful to the community, to @hodlonaut and all those who insisted that it contribute to the project. Humanitarian Aid & Bitcoin for Venezuela Initiative (BFVI) of Bitcoin Venezuela.

Bitcoin Venezuela

According to the team, although they have already received funds from the collection system, They had not yet sent them the torch of the chain. "The flashlight has not yet been sent to us, but it is already in the last pass, we assume that during tomorrow will be completed," explained Bitcoin Venezuela.

According to them, the funds raised by the campaign at "will be used 100% for humanitarian aid, buying food in Venezuela for more than 1,800 people." From the organization they assist in the feeding and purchase of medicines for people in dangerous conditions in Israel. However, after receiving just over 0.41 BTC, it is likely that the resources will need to be managed among fewer people.

Finally, we talked about #LNTrustChain, an initiative that led to these contributions and it says an important boost in terms of interest in the network of bitcoins and second-layer routing, Lightning Network (LN).

"#LNTrustChain has been a very interesting experiment, it has been able to attract the attention of many people, and the number of people who learn to use the lighting network, in addition to putting it to the test, is an indescribable value," highlighted from the organization in Venezuela.

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