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Yes, Vega's younger brother is a canon in the Dragon Ball universe


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<p>Apparently, <strong>safely</strong> He is not the only character who has become a canon in the universe <em><strong>Dragon Ball</strong></em>. Thanks to a special release of the film recently published <strong>Japan</strong>, We learned it <strong>Treble</strong>, The younger brother of <strong>Vegeta</strong> That we met at OVA on <strong><em>Unnamed: Hey, Goku and his friends come back!</em> </strong>(2008), is also considered an official character of the series.</p>
<p>Confirm this <strong>Treble</strong> He is an official figure from a family tree published in the special Japanese magazine, which reveals the family ties of the three Seagull heroes of the next film (<strong>Goku, and Geta and Broly</strong>). About the line of <strong>Vegeta</strong>, Recalled that Prince Saiyan has a younger brother, as well as the reason that he survived the destruction of his race by <strong>freezer</strong>.</p>
<p><em>"Trebble, Vegita's younger brother, in the past King Vega thought of him as a non-combatant Saiyan and sent him to another planet in a capsule …?</em> – You can read in a brief description of prince saiyan as well.</p>
<p>Well, another character we can consider canonical. We may see it in the future <em><strong>Dragon Ball Super</strong></em>?</p>
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