Friday , May 7 2021

Your Android devalues ​​faster than the iPhone, did you know?

Battle systems operating systems interesting. According to the data provided by StatCounter, Google's Android is installed on 37.93% Of the devices that connect to the Internet worldwide, exceeds 37.91% Because there are Windows (in versions that are still active), Microsoft. Meanwhile, iOS, Apple with 13.09 percent, which, if we join with 5.17 percent of OS X, copa 18.26 percent. Linux is very far away, with 0.75%.

Although the market is clearly dominated by Android, it is interesting to recognize that devices that operate with this system seem to be devaluing faster than iPhones.

These were the conclusions of a study conducted by BankMyCell, indicating that Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S9 download the price faster than the iPhone that first lose 59.72 percent Of the original price is only 9 months, while the iPhone X X downloads only one 30.93%. In other words, the results of the study indicate that Android is used in the Samsung Galaxy S9 lower priced faster than a second hand iPhone.

Consumer look

These figures are especially relevant if we consider that consumer demand is for durable goods, which in all possible ways provide more for each peso invested.

In the current times, the consumer wants to get the highest benefit for their expenses, and although since the smartphone leaves your home and the devaluation process begins, the truth is that it will always be advantageous because the value loss is slow.

To a large extent, this is related to Apple's strategy to launch a device every six months, which is saved until its last event.

The smartphones industry faces interesting challenges, one of which is the improvement of the concept of innovation in their proposals, a trend that should be a major issue in the agenda of the large companies in the industry before the redemption of the market that forced us to think about developing action plans that value added value Of the product itself where the validity of each device can be of great value.

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