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A year after Lena landed, the family received a girl named Bina Ann


Four months after the trial of the murder suspect Le Thi Nhat Linh, her parents are still struggling to forget the pain of losing their children and returning to everyday life. Earlier, in a court hearing on 6 July 1818, the District Court of China issued a final verdict for defendant Yasumasa Shibuya for life imprisonment. This ruling caused the families of the victims to express strong protest.

After more than a year of fighting to win back the justice of the child, the family of the baby landed in Linh is exhausted both economically, physically and mentally. His parents are Mr. Hao and Ms. Nguyen are trying to revive because they do not want her daughter to go to court.

The case of Nat Lina was murdered, which stunned public opinion in Vietnam and Japan.

During the difficult journey, sweat and tears are many, but Loo and Nguyen also have great consolation, that is, the appearance of a new friend. Ms. Nguyen gave birth to a baby on April 2, 1818, a year after the family brought the baby landed in Vietnam. This girl has a lot of meaning: Bina Ann.

"2/4/2017 is the day of pain, the life of the darkest mother because of the end of the gutter Ms. landed a year later, 2/4/2018, the child came to the world, came to his family I wish you peace as your name, Instead of her sister and help her make unfinished dreams, "she shared a Nguyen personal page on Facebook.

Bina Ann was born on 2/4/2018.

Sister Nguyen also shared that Bina Ann was a very flexible girl. She had almost lost her baby because the placenta was peeled, but then both mother and daughter fought fiercely. So she was born on a special day – one year that her sister to Japan with an eternity.

Little Tu is very fond and closes with his sister …

"I do not expect anything more, I just hope that when I grow up I'll be a healthy girl, as is your sister, and my part, the name my parents have set up for me," Nguyen added her youngest daughter.

Ms. Nguyen also said that Tu, 4, his second son loves her sister. Wherever he goes, he will pay attention to you. Ping is a gentle treatment like the way the Japanese care about her so much. That's what made Ms. Nguyen and Mr. Hao feel very happy and happy.

Like the way her sister Nat Lina had loved Tu before.

The birth of Binh Baby is like a valuable spiritual gift to motivate and soothe the pain of losing the children of Nguyen Van Hao. "My mother's life is so bad and my family will be happy forever, I hope all darkness will end here."

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