Sunday , May 16 2021

After only her second son was born, Tra My Idol announced that she did not want to give birth to that … too frightened!

The singer immediately showed her second time with the online community, receiving many greetings from her friends, colleagues and the public.

Watch video: MV Do not mention it – Tra My Idol.

A few hours ago, my singer My Idol suddenly showed her successful personal Facebook image with caption "Saigon blesses me with a cool rain, Hello world, I'm Haydn." So according to the discovery of Tra My Idol, the new baby was born Hayden. At the same time under the note, she discovered that the baby was a child and that she herself would not be born any more because "too frightened".

She just gave birth to the other child a few hours ago.

Immediately many colleagues in Vietnamese propaganda such as Hoang Thuy Linh, Le Tu Vi, Dong Haq Lina, Tang Ana Ha, Le Quyen, Luong Manh Hai, Runner-up Huyen … There is a greeting with excitement Tra My Idol " A square ". Despite being in the hospital bed, the singer still looks very young, healthy and beautiful. This made many Vbiz artists as well as netizens give praise.

Many entertainers quickly sent greetings.

In addition, some viewers also recommend that Tra Tray should take a rest, rest, instead of using the phone and thanking everyone for their desire. According to observers, it seems that the singer answered without any response, which makes the fans quite concerned about her.

Tra Idol also confirmed that the second child was a child, did not want to be more pregnant because he was too frightened.

Tra Idol matured from Vietnam Idol 2008 contest, rose to the Flower Car on June 15, 2014. Her husband is an entrepreneur and owner of a fairly famous karaoke restaurant in Bihu City Sex. Not long after that, Tra Idol and her husband welcomed the charming, charming son.

Since my marriage and fate as a mother, Tra My Idol rarely shows music events and shows. Recently, a new singer has appeared again with many quality music products.

Today a singer has a happy life with her husband's husband and two children.

Tra Idol shows her photos but her beautiful angel as her dominates her and waves of her mother

Tar Idol's son shows his attraction beyond his mother and children, admiring and admiring.

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