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Attack you owe death, relatives bring closets in front of the house

Frustrated by the death of Mr. Tuyen, relatives brought the body of the victim to the house of the purpose of the crime to protest.

Tran Thuong Hoan, chairman of the People's Committee of Thong Thanh, said this morning that the murder took place in the area, killing one person.

Preliminary information, yesterday, Mr. Nguyen Tu Twain (SN 1970, who lives in the Nam Thanh Community, Yen Thanh District) took place in a dispute with Mr. Wu Van Minh (resident of the Trung community of Ana).

During the scrambling, Mr. Minh used the shovel to attack, causing Mr. Twain to be badly injured. Although taken into emergency by the people, the victims died afterwards.

After causing the crime, Mr. Minh approached the police office to confess.

Attack you owe death, relatives bring closets in front of the house
The family brought the body of the victim to Mr. Minh's house

Frustrated at the death of Mr. Twain, the family took the victim's body to Mr. Minh's house, asking the authorities to investigate and clarify.

A victim's family member said, Mr. Twain received a loan from Mr. Minh for a sum of money. On the afternoon of 27 April, when Mr. Twain arrived at Mr. Minh's house to pay his debts, there was a dispute between the two sides.

Last night, the Yen Thanh District Police and Nga An District Police conducted an autopsy and determined the cause of Mr. Twain's death.

Mr. Huan said that the victim had been doing business in the South for a long time and had just returned home. Mr. Minh bought land and built a house in the commune of Trung fig.

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Talking about farming ducks, killing people and running

On January 18, the police of Kuy Thuy District (Hai Fong) said that after 2 days of causing the case, the suspect murdered the Pham Thi Oanh (SN 1980) has been surrendered.

Pham Tam – Kwok Hoi

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