Friday , February 26 2021

"Cutting business conditions does not meet 50% as required"

Business Times Lead data show, for more than 5,000 Business terms, Only 542 business conditions were amended, 771 conditions were canceled, and 111 conditions were replaced. However, 29 new business conditions arise. The paper calls it an official reduction, since there are conditions that only change the expression, or leave some meaningless words even statistically simple.

Newspaper pioneer For example, with the practice of building a land database, the abolition of "civil capacity" has almost no effect. There is even a combination of old and new business conditions. Newspaper pioneer Reading business conditions is a "matrix" with businesses. The thought of state intervention is still common in policy bodies.

Representatives of Vietnam's Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) have pointed to unreasonable conditions such as the requirement to obtain this certification, the certificate makes the company send workers to school. But in essence, the school is simply formal, and the main task is that many employees have told their staff to instruct teachers to pay the certificate.

Not essential, but why are the business conditions absurd? Maybe part is the "envelope". Theo Business TimesAlthough many administrative procedures are done online, there is still a need for contact between the person and the person, the "light envelope" solves 3 months but the envelope "weighs" only half a day is done. The cost of lubricating is increasing, making goods of Vietnamese manufacturing companies difficult to compete with foreign goods.

To make the cut more tangible, VCCI offers a process to issue business conditions and control new documents. Accordingly, except for units that issue business conditions, the units of the independent audit officer should be. The establishment of new business conditions must have an economic impact assessment, in particular, the need to renew access to more government agencies market think.

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