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Devi Kein, Bao Hui "Coming Back from the Dead"

Chapter 45, 46 of "The descent of the sun in Vietnam" made the audience "heartbreaker" and then burst forth with joy to the return of Captain Doi Kien and deputy Bao Hui.

In the previous chapters, Hui Fong and Minh Ngoc cried out when they heard that their lovers were missing, could be killed, especially when they read the lover's last letter. This scene has taken the tears of many fans fans.

hau due to mat troi 45, 46: ky duy, bao huy
Hugh Fong cried when he met Devi Kane again.

Time gradually drifting, Hoai Phuong and Minh Ngoc try to learn how to get used to life when there is no lover nearby. They went out to eat, to talk, to go to coffee. In particular, the two often refer to the story of Bao Huy and Duy Kien, the first two boys meet.

But Hugh Fong still does not remember the love for Douai Kane. She was troubled to remember him and cried tears. Imagine Devi Keane sitting in front of her. She accused Dwi Kein of not coming back: "I tried to get back to you, but you have to defend my country, my country … where you are."

Because of their love for work and memories, they decided to return to Hai Phong to continue their previous volunteer work. There are too many changes after the disaster. The house is firmly built, life is improving, and the man Hui Fong is once jealous of – the owner of the restaurant by the sea has now become the love of Dr. Fong – a handsome mechanic.Huai Phuong goes to all the places she and Duy Kien was.

While Dr. Huai Phuong brought flowers to the chain of sand jars with Captain Doi Kane to reminisce about him, something strange happened.

Talk from Talkie 2 hours "Beast call beautiful people" familiar female doctor surprised. She looked around but could not see anyone. He told her to go outside and surprise Devi Kane. She just wanted and fell, Devi Keene came up to her and embraced her with an apologetic tear, while Huai Fong could not stop the tears and hurt the painful love "I'm gone I do not need you to live alone anymore." Then Huai Fong was glad to see Devi Kane still alive.

If Duy Kien – Hawaiian Desert Union, the couple Minh Ngoc – Bao Huy also has a meeting can not be romantic – under the night sky in the moonlight is not unique Phong Hai. Minh Ngoc burst into tears over his disappearance, and then she received an enthusiastic kiss. Bao Hoi also apologized to Minh Ngoc when he replied too late that he would never divorce her and not give up his proud military career.

According to the development of the film, the mystery of the disappearance of captains Doi Kien and Bo Hui is revealed. After the shooting, the enemy placed Devi Keene and Bao Hui in the basement before the explosion. Both were brutally tortured. But with the will of a soldier, always toward the homeland, the two decided not to disappear. They knew how many deserters had failed. Finally, before the execution of the enemy, they were rescued by Mark – the soldiers save the return of "cake" that the previous episode had a chance to watch.

The end of the two chapters is the romantic scenes of Doi Kane and Huai Phuong in a city cafe.

Volume 47, 48 "The Descendants of the Sun of Vietnam" will be broadcast on November 19 at the VTC3 Sports and Entertainment Culture Channel and VTC now.

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