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"Dragon" 100 billion of the royal music was crowded by crowded people


Tuesday, 27 November 2013 05:00 (GMT + 7)

Showbiz on 26.11 revolves around the hottest names of entertainment such as Hoai Linh, Truong Giang, Ngoc Son …

Hundreds of people surrounded Ngoc Son's "dragon nest" for $ 100 billion after the storm

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As usual every year, "King of Music" again Ngoc Son handed out gifts to the poor in his home. On the evening of November 25, Ngoc Beno made live with the fans attached to this post. On the afternoon of November 26 he distributed the rice of charity.

Ngoc Ben wears colorful shirts that attract the eye and insert a thick pile of coins with a nominal value of 100,000 dong and a lot of rice bags spread to the poor. Ngoc Jr. knows that people 5-7 times to get gifts but is still free to give.

Besides, "King of Music" also predicted the storm in the city. HCM.

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Van Tuan was injured, visitors discovered something special in the room

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Van Tuan was injured and could not play a match against Cambodia as well as the other matches in the tournament. It is remorse for the fans of the Vietnam team.

When he visited the player's private room, what surprised the Big Bang fans was the G-Dragon coup album, which was placed solemnly in front of the bed.

It is known that the 22-year-old bought his idol album during his last training in Korea. The disc was not "packed" but remained as a souvenir.

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The singer made the Hoi Linh continue, Mr. .. How to pay 1 billion hours?

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In 2017, my hi singer – who was Mr. .. Help by inviting her to sing abroad and pay up to 1 billion Dong – she participated in the program "Love Festival Bolero." She caused publicity when revealing the artist Ho Line followed her. He had a wife in America.

My life now has a lot of changes. "I live with my mother, daughter and granddaughter," she said in an interview recently. "My mother spent most of her time caring for her little daughter.

I just went back to the show. On the way back, the driver's daughter, I'm sitting in the back. On the road, the mother and daughter unfortunately hit an eel. I had a broken leg on my leg and had to go to the hospital for treatment, which is almost a month. "

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Hong Nhung revealed that two children have psychological therapy when they see pictures of another woman's father

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After the noisy story of the old husband talking about the rumor of "third person", Hong Nhung shared a monument two years ago when her two children have the opportunity to go to Saigon Flower Garden. In addition, the singer presented a picture of "family", but only three friends are her and two small children.

Yesterday, the first diva spoke honestly of the difficult period her mother and daughter experienced after the separation: "A year has passed, it's hard for a small family of bong – shrimps – shrimp."

Thus, Hong Nhung discovered the old husband "perhaps by chance" so in a hurry to publish a new life image on Facebook, which made two young children see very confused. Later, Hong Nhung immediately called to ask her ex-husband to take down and he followed.

After the incident, Hong Nhung's children still have the unshakable response that led her to see the doctor.

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Yang Troyang "dreary" because of heavy storm, Hin Lina sighs to return home

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Big storm in TP. Ho Minh City made people unhappy, the Vietnamese artists sharing pictures and confessing. Hoi Linh breathes out when sharing: "Finally home hello hello. Thank you over thank you". The photograph was in Saigon in the stormy weather of an amateur comedy that many fans wanted.

It is known that he just had a tour abroad but on the way back to Vietnam, his plane had to meet in Thailand for 1 hour.

Besides Hoi Linh, Truong Young is humorous when posting nÃu nhien Nha Nha photos. He said: "A woman next door never happens, it's raining badly, it's in the sleeping area.

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