Tuesday , May 11 2021

Family victims took the coffin to stop the creditors

On April 28, Mr. Tran Thong Huan, chairman of the People's Committee of the Trong Thanh Community (Yen Thanh District, Nga An) said that in this commune there was a murder that caused the victim's family to take the body to the debt owner and requires clarification. Tho Tuyen (SN 1970), who lives in the Nam Thanh Community, Yen Thanh District.

Picture 1Considering the death of Mr. Twain who brought the coffin to Mr. Minh's house, he asked to stop the temple

According to preliminary information, in the past, Mr. Twain received a loan from Mr. Wu Wen Minh (SN 1986) who lives in Halt 7, Commune Trong Thanh, Yen Thanh District, some money. Mr. Twain later paid a sum, both to the manager and to the matter, to Mr. Minh, and then went south to work as a laborer.

Recently, a relative of Mr. Twin died to attend the funeral. On the evening of April 27, Mr. Twain met Minh at Min's house, which had not been completed at Trung's commune, and both sides had collided with the amount of debt. While arguing, Mr. Minh used the shovel to beat Mr. Twain and then died.

In receiving the news, the authorities were present to clarify the incident. Yin Thanh District Police cooperated with the Department of Criminal Engineering, Criminal Police, Nghe County Police, organized an autopsy, investigated the cause of the murder.

Juan added that at 12 o'clock that day the body of the victim was still in Minh's house. This man just bought the land because he makes new homes near Trung and commune fig.

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