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Hanoi is expected to release the Kata accommodation – the two-Hong Kong power train for half a month


After 15 days, the ride for the elevated train is still more than the bus, in exchange for passengers traveling twice as fast.

On March 15, the Hanoi People's Council held an opinion on the level of monthly support for passenger tickets to 2A, Cat Accommodation – Dong Haong.

Tram line cat Linh - Ha Dong passes Lake Hoang Cau. Photo: Ngoc & Anna

Tram line cat Linh – Ha Dong passes Lake Hoang Cau. Photo: Ngoc & Anna..

The city expects to support 50% of the monthly payment to students, students, industrial park workers and the elderly. Officials and employees in office offices and organizations outside the industrial zones to buy collective tickets per month, they are supported 30%.

In addition, the city will release all passengers using passenger transport services in the first 15 days after the 2A urban railway operates commercially.

This option will be implemented during the pilot period from the date the vehicle is used for commercial use. There are three types of usage fees that apply per month, on the day and at the turn. Specifically, if going in a month is 200,000 VND / person. VND 30,000 applies to day cards (unlimited number of trips on the route per day).

The price of tickets per week is calculated according to the travel distance of the guest, of which a maximum of 15,000 VND / travel if the entire route goes and the lowest is VND 7,000 with the shortest distance. Tickets can be paid in cash or card. Pay by card encourages with a cheaper price than cash payment of about 500 VND per queue.

Mr. Wong Hong Trong, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Railway Company of Hanoi, said that the travel plan for accommodation accommodation – Dong Hwang city rail is based on 5 criteria: income and the level of payment of the people; survey results of people's opinions ; Compare the competition with other types of vehicles; operating costs; budget support price (about 50%).

Cat Linh - Ha Dong electric railway line will be the first municipal railway of the whole country to enter commercial operation. Photo: Ngoc & Anna.

Cat Linh – Ha Dong will be the first urban railway of the whole country to enter commercial exploitation. Photo: Ngoc & Anna.

According to Mr. Truong, the new point in the trip plan of Cat Linh – Ha Dong train is to apply the route (between stops). The application of the trip to ensure fairness and encourages people to go the shortest way with the lowest price of 7,000 VND, adding all kilometers of passengers to pay an additional 600 VND.

The above tariff is higher than the bus ticket, in return for better service, twice the speed (bus 14-16 km / h, 35 kmph) .Taking 13 km of cat Linh – Ha Dong Railway will take about 22 minutes . "With price and speed, it can be said that the urban railway train is faster than a motorcycle, cheaper than catch," Truong said.

13 trains on line Lin Lin – Ha Dong train line has been tested since September 2018, the average speed of 35 mph According to the leadership of the Ministry of Transport, China General Contractor proposed to complete the trial run of Cat Linh – Ha Dong Railway project at the end of the first quarter of 2019 and put it into a commercial operation all the way from April.

Recently, the director of the Ministry of Transport said that the city can pilot the ban on motorcycles on Nguyen Trai or Lu Wan Luong roads before stopping motorcycles in the provinces in 2030. The reason for choosing two routes is was the alternative vehicle public transport, Nguyen Trai line were trams and buses (BRT) Van Long.

Cat Linh – Ha Dong City Railway is 13 kilometers, the starting point is at Lin Lin Station, the end point is Yen Nghia Station, which includes 13 trains, each with 4 cars, the frequency of exploitation is 3-5 minutes / trip, 2 minutes / Future Trip.

There are 12 elevated stations on the route including: Cat Linh, La Thanh, Thai Ha, Lang, Thuong Dinh, Vanh Dai 3, Phung Khuang, Van Kuan, Ha Dong, La Khe, Van Khe and Yen Nghia. To serve the people on a convenient train, the capital transport industry is reviewing construction of stations for buses on 11/12 stations.

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