Monday , September 26 2022

Hanoi wants to hold the Formula One race in my Dane


According to the source, Hanoi will hold a press conference announced the award Formula 1 racing (Formula One F1) on the afternoon of 7-11 and conducted a gala with guests from the diplomatic missions that day to officially inform the venue, time, history and value of the race. First time in Vietnam.

Hanoi Wants to Hold Formula 1 Competition in My Law - Picture 1.

F1 Singapore Grand Prix takes place between September 2018 Photo: Reuters

In the past, at the meeting of Vietnamese intellectuals abroad in mid-August, Hanoi officials have revealed the negotiations over hosting the F1 race took place within three years and is taking the last step to sign in. The first race should take place in April 2020.

Hanoi organizes the race around Kiem Hoan Lake and some nearby roads. However, after consultation with the relevant ministries and branches, it is unlikely to recommend Hanoi to organize a race at Dayan's sports center. The funding is organized by a large corporation in the country.

Hanoi leaders have said that there are activities, cultural events and world famous sports held in Vietnam to Hanoi in particular Vietnam in general to promote more members. .

Therefore, if the signing succeed, Vietnam will be the third nation in Southeast Asia in the history of the tournament to host the Formula 1, behind Malaysia and Singapore.

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