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"I dreamed of wearing a Vietnamese shirt at the VL World Cup 2022.


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Before the success of the Vietnamese goalie overseas Deng Van Lam, Alexander Dang discovered that playing for Vietnam is a great dream for him. Stryker Club Nest-Sutra Confirmed his willingness to shed blood so that Vietnamese football could participate in the World Cup.

Reply to the newspaper Thanh Nian, Alexander Dang joint:On playing for Vietnam team is my great dream and that is also what my dear dad for a long time. Not recommended by anyone. World Cup candidates are coming, I expect to play with Vietnam, the number of VCK teams can rise to 44, why do not we think we can be the first to kick the World Cup?

I will give myself to practice and compete, my task is to score goals. If necessary, I can shed blood for the Vietnamese team. I'm not afraid to disagree on any shield. Because I have strength, height and speed. Of course football is a collective sport, doing what you do, I still need a good relationship with my teammates"He said.

Alexander Dang was born in 1990, 1m84 high, whose father is Vietnamese, his mother is Norwegian. Today, he wears the Club Nest-Sotra IL in the first division of Norway. The original Vietnamese striker is the most important player of the team when he is reputable to wear the No. 10 jersey.

In addition, Alexander Dang's killer instincts are also respectable. Specifically, he scored 21 goals / 25 games with 2,170 minutes on the field, 103 minutes / goal performance in the 2018 season. Alexander scored 14 goals after 29 appearances in the OBOS-Liga 2018.

According to Tempo Sports Group, the striker has scored 38 goals after 61 for Nest-Sutra. Earlier, Alexander Dang scored 85 goals in 56 games for Sutra, 32 goals / 27 games for Vadmyra, or 31 goals / 33 games for Hovding. Overall, he scored 186 goals in 177 games.

Alexander Dang He is the most expensive club player in Nest-Sotra IL, when a specialist transfer expert evaluates a page of 300,000 euros. This striker is worth the equivalent of the most valuable player in Vietnam, goalkeeper Dang Van Lam.

In the face of the desire of Vietnamese players abroad, the Football Federation of Vietnam has established a special department with the task of gathering information, assessing expertise and contacting Vietnamese players who have enough talent for competition.In particular, the National Coach Council is a direct unit to recommend the best names Go to Park Coach to hang Seo.

In 2019, Vietnam and Tel will participate in the King's Cup in June to prepare for the World Cup 2022. If Alexander Dang is found, Coach Park Hung Seo can be sure to attack goods. Of the Golden Dragon.

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